CKHG leadership manage and run a number of medical practices in the UK caring for 24,000 patients as part of our group, and its leaders are a core part of a GP Federation represneting  over  150,000 patients. CKHG  leaders were also the member founders of the Bradford City CCG which has subsequently merged with Bradford District CCG  representing  the care of 500,000 patients.

We are doctors and clinicians who are experts in Primary Care. We have also devised innovative solutions such as Pharmacy First, Beating Diabetes (nationally recognised for its achievement) and Accident and Emergency GP streaming unit in the UK which decreases the number of patients to Secondary Care, reducing costs and averting poor clinical outputs.

CKHG also has a healthcare technology arm and is developing a range of healthcare technology and AI products.


Clarendon and Kensington Primary Care

Clarendon and Kensington Primary Care GP Practices in the UK managing 24,000 patients

Founders of City Health GP Federation

Founders of City Health GP Federation: 150,000 patients www.cityhealth.org

radford Clinical Commissioning Group

Founding Members  of Bradford Clinical Commissioning Group, experience in managing £1 billion of care management funds from central government.

A&E GP Streaming Service

A&E GP Streaming Service

Bradford Beating Diabeties

Bradford Beating Diabeties

NATIONAL AI & CLOUD technology developments

NATIONAL AI & CLOUD technology developments

Improving access to Primary Care

Improving access to Primary Care

Care Home Clinical Care Leads

Care Home Clinical Care Leads

Experts In Clincial Governance And Aco Integrated Organisations

Experts In Clincial Governance And ACO Integrated Organisations

Experts In Managing Federated CQC Registered Organisations

Experts In Managing Federated Organisations




All care of UK patients in the public sector are managed by GPs in Primary Care. There is now a national trend to move more healthcare services into the community. Primary Care is now expanding with diagnostic services, and specialists’ referrals; over time there is a strategy of reducing resources from Secondary Care and letting clinicians like GPs to manage the healthcare resources nationally. This is part of the government drive in the Primary Care Network movement. We are involved in the devolution and expansion of healthcare resources into Primary Care and as clinicians we know how this can be achieved as we are experts in knowing what is best for the patients and what is value for money.

We are also currently innovating and developing Community Remote Diagnostic Hubs in Primary Care. These pods are designed for patients to self-navigate and obtain their healthcare vitals with the support of a trained healthcare assistants. The self-navigation is followed by remote video consultation with GPs. These Innovative ways are part of our drive to make our healthcare resilient to pandemics like the Covid19 crisis.


We have developed the programme of Patient Engagement Leads (PELs) across Primary Care in the UK. PELs work with patients informing them about access to healthcare, how to self-regulate their lifestyles and health, and reduce future health complications by advising patients on diets and exercises. This whole programme is about empowerment and engagement with patients so that they are made aware of what kind of lifestyles and habits may lead to healthy outcomes. The more empowered the patients are, the less cost there is to the healthcare system. This is an area which hasn’t been fully harnessed in the global healthcare system.

In terms of patient engagement and feedback, we have developed a national patient feedback system www.patient-voice.com – 55,000 healthcare organisations in the UK from hospitals, primary care practices, dental, care homes and clinics are all on one platform.


We have the experience in the development and implementation of robust clinical governance systems at all levels of an accountable care organisation. Some of our experiences include:

  • CQC Audits
  • Primary Care Practices
  • Hospital and Trusts (led by Imperial College and Oxford University)
  • Primary Care Networks (as GP clinical directors)
  • Clinical Commissioning Groups which are like ACOs (as founding directors) managing and deploying £1billion pound annually across primary and secondary care)
  • Clinic Director roles in Primary Care Networks in the UK

We understand government Clinical Outcome Frameworks (COFs) and report on these regularly. We are active in all areas of clinical governance. We have also consulted, shaped and developed governance and accountable frameworks and systems in the UK for the last 20 years.


Our group of clinicians and directors work at different levels (Primary/Secondary/ACO) of a healthcare systems. We have the experience of managing and deploying financial resources to make the most discernible impact in improving health outcomes based on government national, regional and local benchmark and priorities.



CKHG have worked with the leading healthcare technology providers in the UK. We have also developed our own technology products: We have the experience of working with several partners for digital solutions. In the UK we have worked Systm1 and EMIS electron patient system and in the US,

our consortia partner KP have worked and developed a number of digital solutions for their patients. We can work with our current partners as we are doing now or others to secure solutions. We are also not shy in developing our own digital solutions:

Our own healthcare solutions include:

This is a telehealth solution for video consultation and remote health monitoring.


A national revalidation toolkit for doctors who work in the UK and have to complete an annual appraisal to practice every year as stipulated by the GMC.

Patient Voice

A national patient feedback system, allowing patients to send feedback to 50,000 healthcare organisations.


This technology is being used by Primary Care Networks (PCNs) to collaborate and share their expertise across a group of medical practices

Path Medica

We are now involved in developing a range of AI (Artificial Intelligence) solutions in Primary Care. This project is at stage of seed funding and once developed it will have the potential to save the NHS £120 million pounds a year in terms of costs.

Our team of consultants have experience to develop and manage integrated digital solutions in healthcare.


Clarendon Kensington can support business consortia and groups who are interested in developing healthcare services and technology in the UK and globally. We are specialists in Primary Care, Accountable Care Organisations, Commissioning of Healthcare Services, Holistic Care, Care Home Support and Healthcare Technologies. We have a strong team and experience of managing centralised annual budgets from £1billion to several million. We pride ourselves in supporting the care and management of thousands of patients, many of whom have complex symptoms and require multi-disciplinary teams. We have developed cutting edge technologies and are currently involved in several AI machine learning projects to improve healthcare services in the UK.